Jesus said "Feed them". Mark 5:37 We remember our neighbors in need. Food or money contributions to the Food Pantry are greatly needed. Canned fruits, vegetables, and meats, as well as cereals and dry milk, are appreciated. Gifts of money can be made out to the Milford Community Pantry, to the pastor. The Pantry is staffed Monday-Friday from 10:00 a.m. - 2 p.m. to receive referrals from the Milford Service Center and prepare emergency food supplies for clients. Call 684-1833 for information about serving in this ministry to those in need in the Milford area.

For the AIDS families, the following items are needed: Pampers (adult and child), laundry detergent, soap (unscented), towels, sheets, household cleaning items and prayers.

During Advent, the Christian Service Committee sponsors the Mitten Tree which collects"wish list" gifts for families in need as well as monetary gifts for special people and places such as our Missionary, Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary, World Hunger and many others.

Christian Service works with the Evangelism Committee on a special program called Pastoral Partners. A pastoral partner is a congregational member whose gifts include relationship building and offering care to others. A Pastoral Partner is prepared to put a little extra effort into getting to know a person in need. A Pastoral Partner is someone who has invested time in training for this purpose and who wishes to grow while establishing meaningful relationships with others.

The Pastoral Partner team would like to let the congregation know that this program is being offered to support those members of our congregation who are home bound, in nursing homes or hospitalized, or who live alone and would appreciate a friendly contact. You can get in touch with a Pastoral Partner by contacting the church Administrative Assistant, who will forward the name to Team Leader to make assignments. If you have an emergency care need and would like to have immediate contact with the pastor, please communicate that need when making the call.