Welcome to the Faith Connections Blog

Welcome by Paige Evers

French toast sticks, donuts, cheese and crackers, and deviled eggs.  Coffee, tea, and juice.  No, this isn’t the menu of a brand-new, fancy brunch restaurant.  This is Faith Connections at Reformation Lutheran Church. 

From 9:45-10:45 a.m. on most Sundays of the school year, you can “Go in peace and serve the Lord” from the 8:30 a.m. worship service and go straight to the Fellowship Hall for conversation and refreshments.  Or you can come to church at 9:45 a.m. and enjoy food before various learning groups begin for all ages, and then attend worship at 11 a.m.

The food at Faith Connections is a great draw that brings our church family and visitors together.  And the food and coffee leads to so much more: sharing our lives and questions and God-moments with one another. 

Whenever I come into the Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings, I have that great feeling of entering a party in progress.  Small groups of people talking over their bites of muffin.  Kids clamoring for one more donut hole.  Some weeks, Gail is getting her music stand and guitar ready, so you know that great singing with the assembled group is coming. 

I love the swirl of activity and conversation, and the feeling that this is a church home for so many people.  It’s like a family reunion every week.  “How was your trip to Florida?”  “What’s been going on?”  “How was the middle school dance on Friday night?”  “How is your granddaughter doing?”  “How did your job interview go?”  Or a friendly hello and introducing oneself to a visitor: “Hi, my name is ________.  What brought you to Reformation?  We’re so glad you’re here!”  These are some of the conversations one might overhear on a typical Sunday morning at Faith Connections.

After the food and fellowship, the Faith Connections leader usually introduces the theme of the day, or highlights one of the church’s ministries, or starts us off with singing with all of the ages together.  Often, the opening time for Faith Connections ties in with the most recent ReCreation event.  This could be a brief group game that reviews the theme of the ReCreation event, or a discussion of a Bible story that we didn’t have time to discuss in detail at the event.

All of this happens in about 15-20 minutes, if you can believe it!  But wait, Faith Connections isn’t over yet!  After the conversation, food, praise singing, or other learning moments, different age groups meet to talk about God, Jesus, and faith at their own levels. 

The Nursery is available for the youngest ones, and there is a class for Pre-K through 5th grade.  The Youth meets with their leader.  The Parenting Group gathers moms and dads to talk about passing on faith and to share the highs and lows of family life.  An Adult Bible Study meets during this hour as well.

So come to Faith Connections and check it out some Sunday if you haven’t already!  In just one hour on Sunday mornings, Reformation Lutheran Church offers connections with your brothers and sisters in Christ over food, coffee, conversation, and learning.  We want to get to know you beyond one hour of worship together. 

So let us hear from you on our new blog!  What have some of your favorite moments from Faith Connections been so far this year?  (Besides the delicious deviled eggs and donuts!)  What questions do you have about Faith Connections? 

We’d love to hear from you and to continue shaping Faith Connections to help YOU get connected with our congregation.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments!