The Reformation Prayer Labyrinth was laid out by the 2002 communion class and their families. It is a path of peace open to all. Christian churches have incorporated labyrinths as tools to focus worshipers on Christ for centuries. Ours is located behind the church in the Memorial Garden and was dedicated during our first annual Blessing of the Pets on October 5, 2002.

On November 23, 2014 the Prayer Labyrinth was remodeled and rededicated as part of a Boy Scouts service project organized by Reformation member, Nick Wright. 

You are invited to walk this path as a form of prayer or walking meditation.  The walk toward the center is for releasing, shedding the details of our lives and leaving expectations behind. The center of the labyrinth is a place of meditation and prayer. The walk out brings what you have learned and experienced back into the world. It is open to the entire community. All are welcome to walk the Reformation Prayer Labyrinth.