Foundations 500: Law & Gospel (November 12, 2017)

One of Martin Luther’s greatest Reformation insights was that in the Bible, God speaks with two voices: the Law and the Gospel. In the Law, God tells us what we are to do; in the Gospel, he gives us grace and new life. Law exposes our flaws; Gospel heals them. Law makes demands; Gospel gives promises. Discover how you can listen for these “two voices” through this sermon based on 1Timothy 1:3-9 and Matthew 5:17-20.

Foundations 500: Justification (October 29th, 2017)

On the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, Pastor Paige opened with the story from John 12:20-36a of some Greeks at a festival who told Jesus’ disciple, Philip, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus." The Greeks longed to be insiders like the disciples. On Reformation Sunday, we celebrate the great truth Martin Luther discovered when he dove into God’s Word 500 years ago: we are saved by grace through faith. That makes us all insiders. We are able to have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, not because we earn it, but because God gives us his love as a free gift through the cross and resurrection of Jesus. The sermon ends with ideas for how we can live out that great gift today, and share God’s grace with those around us.