Rewrite: A New Strength (May 26th, 2019)

In John’s Gospel, the miracles of Jesus are called “signs.” They are physical events that point to spiritual realities. They tell us about who Jesus is, and who we are. In today’s Gospel (John 5:1-9), we are in the place of a paralyzed man. He can’t walk; he can’t live the life he was designed to live. His physical condition is our spiritual condition. We were designed for a life of faith and love, a life of joy and peace, a life full of freedom and power. But we can’t do it. The reality of sin paralyzes our hearts and souls. Without a new strength, we are unable to walk the road we were created to walk. But Jesus rewrites our story of weakness into a story of strength and power. Listen, and be left with the challenge: do you want to be made well?