Foundations 500: Community (October 1st, 2017)

What does it mean to be in true community? What does it mean to “show up” with others? In this sermon, Pastor Eric explores the story of Thomas (in John 20:19-25) and the description of the earliest community of believers in Acts 2:42-47 to help us discover how we can encounter the Jesus who has promised to show up for us. In this message, we continue our Foundations 500 series and begin our annual stewardship emphasis.

Foundations 500: Sacraments (September 24th, 2017)

So often, we let fear paralyze us and keep us from leaping into the authentic life God created us for. Part of Martin Luther’s genius was seeing how God acts to create faith and courage in anxious hearts. Today, Pastor Eric lifts up a Lutheran understanding of Baptism and Holy Communion as ways that God actually comes to us, giving himself to us in real, tangible ways. And, we talk about zip lines. Because they are always a great metaphor for faith!

Foundations 500: Word (September 17th, 2017)

God’s word is a treasure of the Reformation. Martin Luther translated the Bible from ancient languages into German so his contemporaries could read the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection for themselves. Today, we continue to treasure the ways God’s word acts on us with power. From diagnosing what’s going on in our hearts, to showing us God’s good plans for us, the word of God speaks the truth of His love and grace into our lives. In this sermon, Pastor Paige highlights images from Isaiah 55:6-11 and Hebrews 4:12-16, as well as the day’s psalm, to remind us how God’s word brings the good news of Jesus to us.

Foundations 500: Grace (September 10th, 2017)

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther began a reformation to restore the grace of God to the center of the church’s life. Today, we begin our "Foundations 500” series, looking at how the spiritual treasures of the Reformation can be the foundation of our Christian life today. In this morning’s sermon (based on Isaiah 41:13-14, 17-20), Pastor Eric grounds us in the truth of God’s unconditional love for us in the cross of Jesus Christ. When you feel empty, broken, or lost, Jesus tells you not to be afraid; he is with you.

The Kingdom Way (September 3rd, 2017)

Jesus created his Church to be a force of love, grace, and freedom that no power of bondage or death could resist. Why isn’t that what we see? What holds the Church back from being all that Jesus calls us to be? In this message from Matthew 16:21-28, Pastor Eric challenges us to walk the way of the Cross to find life that is real for ourselves, for our church, and ultimately, for our world.