The Fight: From Self-Indulgence to Self-Discipline (September 16th, 2018)

As we continue our series on the call to become the people God made us to be, we consider what it means to be self-indulgent and self-disciplined, and how God moves us from one to the other. A great danger we face in the life of faith is that we never experience everything God has for us because we are waiting for him to give us victory by magic, when in reality, he wants to make us victorious through our struggles. Bible passages referred to are Genesis 4:3-12, Psalm 108:1-4 & 12-13, Romans 6:1-11, and Mark 9:42-50.

The Fight: From Self-Deception to Self-Awareness (September 9th, 2018)

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Today, we begin a 3-week series called “The Fight.” It’s about the struggle to become the person God created, and then saved, you to be. We start today with discovering who we really are. You say you know who you are? Well, the “you” that you are now isn’t the real you. We are both more broken, and more potentially glorious, than we are aware of. How can you discover the real you? You might be surprised. Listen, and discover!

Doers of the Word (September 2nd, 2018)

The Book of James is full of instructions for living the Christian life, including the call to be “doers of the word, and not merely hearers…” Pastor Paige shares a story about an unexpected experience when someone was a “doer of the word” on her behalf. But there’s more to being a doer of the word than performing random acts of kindness. It starts with knowing who we are, who we belong to, and what kind of God we have. Only then can we truly live out our faith in ways that bless others and glorify the God who gives us life.

Fed for Life (August 8th, 2018)

On this Sunday, Reformation celebrates the 40th ordination anniversary of our Pastor Emeritus, The Rev. John Ranney. You will hear some reference to this in Pastor Eric’s sermon on John 6:24-35, where we explore the question, “how do we align our lives with the purposes of God?” The message includes what it looks like to live our our faith in our daily routines, Jesus as the bread of life, saying no to “empty spiritual calories,” and, of course, plate tectonics. Because why shouldn’t science help us understand faith?