My Latest Blessing from Church

Sometimes we don’t think the little things we do matter, but they do. Little deeds are often a part of a bigger blessing. I experienced such a blessing this past weekend.

I’m on the worship team at my church. This past Sunday, I needed to arrive early for our rehearsal as the weather had caused us to cancel our practice earlier in the week. Nothing had been set up and this would be our only practice prior to the service. All of the service’s media files were on my jump drive, which was with me. And … my car was undeniably dead!

I called our sound tech to tell her I would be late and wasn’t sure I could email the service files as the software we use was not on the computer that was connected to the internet at our home, but that I’d try to figure something out. This is where the blessing blossomed. She informed the team of my situation and then set about starting up my system, turning on the monitors and opening the programs I use. One of our other team members called his wife and had her send their son to pick me up and deliver me to church. While I was hurriedly trying to upload all the files and prep for service (with 15 minutes to go), another team member met with a member of our church’s leadership just after the run through. My family had a fairly important gathering planned after church, but I had no way to get there. Yet another team member heard me mention that and offered to drive me there before I even had a chance to ask anyone. Just after the service, one of the men in our church came up to me and said he’d been told about my car problem and would like to look at it that afternoon. I gave him the key. While I was at the family gathering, he called to say that my battery was totally dead and that he’d put in a new one. Finances have been real tough lately, so this was a significant concern for me. When I asked how much I owed him, he said “nothing” -- because the church’s benevolence committee had authorized him to purchase it on my behalf.

When I got home, my car started like a race car – better than it ever has since I’ve owned it.

God blesses us daily, but all too often, it isn’t until we endure trials that we see those blessings shine in our lives. It’s like trying to see the beam of a flashlight in the sunshine as opposed to in the nighttime. I may not be rich in the “stuff” of this life, but I am rich in the blessings of God poured on me continually through the Body of Christ and His grace and mercy, and also in the joy of knowing and serving my Lord. How amazing is His constant love for us! Halleluah!

My Faith Story

My name is Carol Kinkle.  I would like to share how I came to believe in God.  I was raised in an abusive, alcoholic home.  I was given the chance to leave the alcoholic home when I was 15 years old.  I had no belief in God at all.  When I was sixteen years old, I was struck by a car.  When I was examined by the doctors, it was discovered that I had two broken legs.  My right knee was so badly broken that I had to go through surgery.  My surgeons informed my Mom and I that putting my knee back together was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together with some of the pieces missing.  My surgeons also said that I might not walk normally again.  I was also told that I faced a long recovery. 

    By this time I had been attending Alateen meeting for sixteen months.  In these meetings, I was learning about a God of my understanding.  But I still was not sure what that meant.  But something was sinking in. 

    The morning of my surgery, I woke up really early, scared out of my mind.  That is when I started talking to God.  I remember saying, “God, I do not believe in you but I am going to trust that you are there.  Please help me get though this.”  After my prayer to God, I called my poor Mom, waking her up.  I asked her to come to the hospital as soon as possible.  The surgery was successful.

    After that I only turned to God when I was going through something major.  Now my daily prayers are of thanks, gratitude, and His will for me in my life.  I also pray for the health, wealth, and happiness for all people.

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