KIDS, Inc. started as an after school program, but now encompasses before and after school care in addition to full time hours when school is not in session. It is a childcare center licensed by the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families to care for school age children. It was originally part of Milford Parks and Recreation, but was moved to Reformation Lutheran Church in 1996.

The mission of KIDS, Inc. is to provide a Safe Haven for Children where, in a caring and nurturing environment, we teach respect for others and how to work and play cooperatively with each other while leaving with a positive attitude.

"This program means more to me than just a job. These children are not just someone's children. They are my children. You have to look at these children as an individuals with their own gifts and talents. I find it a blessing to be able to help encourage those gifts and talents. This is a ministry I feel called to be doing."

—Mary Lu Wilson, Director

During the summer, the kids enjoy field trips to places such as the Baltimore Aquarium, Fort Delaware, the skating rink, the Salisbury Zoo, and the bowling alley. There are weekly trips to the library and volunteers from the church community read to the children two days a week. Lessons are "hands on" such as Pets and Their Care, where volunteers brought in a variety of animals from dogs to birds to horses and discuss their care with the children. The field trips are educational, as well as fun. For example, on the trip to Fort Delaware, the children were able to participate in two of the reenactments. It made learning about history exciting and fun.

The structure of the school year program is completely different. The group dynamics change and so do the types of activities which make time for things like homework.

For more information about KIDS, Inc., call Mary Lu Wilson at 302.422.9099.

The summer field trip to Jungle Jim’s Waterpark is always a favorite!

The summer field trip to Jungle Jim’s Waterpark is always a favorite!