Spring Cleaning: Renovating Our Lives

Spring is when we think about getting our cars washed and our houses cleaned. But what about the cleaning that needs to happen in our hearts, minds, and lives? Are there messes in your soul? Is there so much clutter in your mind that you can’t focus on what really matters? In today’s reading from Acts 3:12-19, the Apostle Peter tells a crowd about the power of Jesus. He is the one who can clean and reorder our hearts, minds, and lives.

Why Do You Weep?

Christ is risen! His resurrection changes everything. Knowing that death is defeated and sin forgiven, we who follow Jesus are free to be the most courageous, loving, and joyful people there are. But the truth is, many of us settle for chocolate bunnies and pastel eggs. In this sermon from John 20:1-18, Pastor Eric invites us to let the power of Christ’s resurrection fill our hearts and lives.

Seven Last Words (March 30th, 2018)

This year’s Good Friday observance is a Seven Last Words service. As the final statements of Jesus from the Cross are read and reflected upon, candles are extinguished to reflect the dying of the Light of the World. You will be moved by the preaching of Pastor Paige Evers (who both begins and ends the reflections), Pastor John Ranney (Reformation’s Pastor Emeritus), Lee Clarke (our Worship and Music Committee chairman), Pastor Judy Moller-Gavlick, Pastor Eric Evers, and Pastor Gordon Simmons as they reflect on Christ’s words of love as he offers his life for the salvation of the world.

A Table to Heal the World (March 29th, 2018)

On Maundy Thursday, we remember Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples, in which he instituted the sacrament of Holy Communion. In this meal, the Body and Blood of Christ are given to us for the forgiveness of our sins. But forgiveness isn’t the only treasure received by those who come and eat. This table is set for the healing of the world. It is where all divisions are bridged and where the love of God takes on flesh and blood.

Jesus the King (March 25th, 2018)

After a reading of Jesus’ passion from Mark 15:1-39 in which the congregation participated, shouting, “Crucify him!” and other verses, Pastor Paige asked, “Who is this Jesus?” who is at the heart of our faith. The beginning of Holy Week is a time to be honest with ourselves and examine how we deny, mock, and turn against Jesus in our own lives. Only after admitting our need for Jesus to be our King will we truly understand the great depth of his love for us, displayed on the cross.